Spiritual Director

I grew up in Portland, Oregon, spending most of time surrounded by family and the outdoors. Our family was traditional and we observed Jewish holidays, attended services, and lived with the wonderful influence of my Russian immigrant grandparents, three houses away.

I graduated with a BA in Special Education; Hearing Impaired, and received my M.Ed. in Marriage and Family Counseling. After working in both arenas, I went on to help my husband in our family business due to a devastating fire. That transition also allowed me the time to raise my two children and return to actively participating in the Jewish community as President and Chairwoman of the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas. I continued to simulcast for the deaf for 10 more years.

After searching for a way to fill the ‘hole in my soul,’ I found Vicki Fertitta who told me all about the wonders of Stillpoint. I joined a prayer group, the ISDS and the AFP programs. I feel connected to G-d, my classmates and every person I am fortunate to encounter, realizing we all have a story that is special and meaningful. It is my constant prayer to be of service.