Spiritual Director

Kathy Ruud is a long time resident of Las Vegas. Married for more than 30 years, she has three grown children and three grandchildren.

Kathy has a passion for learning and has worked as an educator in various roles for many years. She loves to read and has a special interest in spiritual formation.

She has experienced the presence and healing power of God through the changing seasons of life, and in the stretching and challenging of her spiritual beliefs. She remains personally reliant upon the foundations of Scripture, reason, tradition and experience, with the awareness that God moves and speaks in many ways, desiring always to come into real, transformative encounter with individuals.

She believes the ministry of spiritual direction is an important and effective gift offering ongoing growth towards clarity, liberation, and wholeness in all of life, as individuals learn to notice and respond to the movement of God.

She received her training at the Institute for Spiritual Direction at Stillpoint, graduating in 2012, and continuing to complete Advanced Formation training, with further experience in leading the Ignatian Exercises, retreats and small group studies in the Bible and spiritual classics.