What Is Spiritual Direction?

A ministry and an art, spiritual direction is an ancient practice in the Christian tradition and is central to life at Stillpoint. The Spiritual Director is one who, with a deep personal faith life, relevant education and training, experiences a call to companion others on their soul journey. Knowing that the Holy Spirit is the true guide, the Spiritual Director does not direct, but acts as a listening, supportive companion. The purpose of spiritual direction is to recognize and respond to the presence and action of God in one’s daily life.

Individual spiritual direction is available by appointment only.

Spiritual Directors Professional Group Meetings

Part of the mission of Stillpoint is to provide opportunities for networking and support for people engaged in the ancient ministry of Spiritual Direction. Frequent meeting as peers is a central ethical practice for professionals who work in therapeutic practices, both secular and spiritual. To honor this practice, Spiritual Directors, who are individuals who have been through a formal training or formation program as a Spiritual Director, meet monthly as peers at Stillpoint. If you have been through such a program, and would benefit from this professional group meeting, please contact Stillpoint for further information.