Centering Prayer in Community

Developed by Fr. Thomas Keating, Centering Prayer is a method of prayer that prepares us to receive the gift of God’s presence in Contemplative Prayer. Beyond thoughts, words and emotions, Centering Prayer leads to a resting in God. Praying in a group setting creates an atmosphere where the mind is quieted more easily, a sacred community is formed, and practitioners experience a depth that bears fruit in spirit, body and mind.

Format of Centering Prayer

Centering prayer is opened with a time of fellowship in the Stillpoint library before moving into the prayer space. The time of prayer and contemplation is begun with a brief reading, followed by a “check-in” where participants can share aloud a word that encompasses how they are feeling in that moment.

Next, a gong is rung to open the time of meditation. The goal is to clear your mind by focusing on a single word. This word is not spoken aloud but is repeated internally as often as needed to bring the mind back to a state of contemplative focus.

As the meditation portion of the prayer is completed, the gong is rung again to bring participants back to center. Participants can then share a new “check in” word that reflects how they are feeling. Often, this new word reflects a more calm, peaceful, joyous, or relaxed mental state.

As the time of prayer is ended, additional fellowship is encouraged.

When and Where to Meet for Centering Prayer In Community

Dates: Meets every other Tuesday beginning September 1st.
Time: 12 noon – 12:50 p.m.
Cost: Free. Donations are welcomed.

Additional dates and locations TBD.

Please see the events list here to view and register for an Centering Prayer upcoming date.