Webcast Viewing: Universal Christ w/ Richard Rohr

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Join us at Stillpoint as we host a viewing of Center for Action and Contemplation’s 2019 Conference Universal Christ: Another Name for Everything.

The conference explores the central themes of Father Richard’s new book and discover the roots of the universal Christ in the rich history of the Christian tradition.

Christ is more than Jesus’ last name. Jesus is a person whose example we can follow. Christ is a cosmic life principle in which all beings participate. The incarnation is an ongoing revelation of  Christ, uniting matter and spirit, operating as one and everywhere. Together—Jesus and Christ—show us “the way, the truth, and the life” of death and resurrection.

If Christ is the kite, Jesus is the person flying the kite and keeping it from escaping away into invisibility.

If Jesus is the person holding the string, Christ is the great banner in the sky, from whom all can draw life—even if they do not recognize the one flying the kite.

Jesus does not hold the kite to himself as much as he flies it aloft, for all to see and enjoy.

—Richard Rohr

Experience Easter in a new way as we consider Holy Week through a larger, cosmic view of Christ, drawing upon theology, practices, conversation, and liturgy. How might this vision impact our own lives and communities?

Franciscan Richard Rohr will be joined by historian John Dominic Crossan and public theologian Jacqui Lewis in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and online via live webcast.

After each viewing, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the message while in community.

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