Stillpoint Readers’ Community: Two Dogs and a Parrot

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“Two Dogs and a Parrot”   

by Sister Joan Chittister


A loving human-animal relationship is built on mutual care and concern, on mutual responsibility and respect. We become a part of each other’s existence. And we grow as human beings if we learn to listen to the animals. We begin to understand that we are here as part of creation, not as consumers of it. We are here to care for this planet, not to exploit it. We are here to find our proper place in nature, to grow with it physically as well as spiritually. 

Whether or not you’ve read the book in full, and whether or not you are a “pet person”, please join us for this lively sharing.  If you have (or have had) a pet or recall an animal with whom you felt a deep spiritual connection or that taught you a spiritual/life lesson, we invite you to bring a picture or share a brief story about your furry, feathered, fuzzy or scaley teacher.

Date:                  Thursday, July 19, 2018

Time:                  1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Cost:                   Freewill Donation

Facilitators:         Carrie Lahain and Lisa Rowell


About Stillpoint Readers’ Community

Nourishing your spiritual life through spiritual reading is an invaluable and essential spiritual practice. Being part of a reading group offers opportunities for community, hospitality, reflection and spiritual nourishment.  Led by active members of our Readers’ Community, come join us for thoughtful, inspiring conversations.

This program is supported by your freewill donation.

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