Monastery of the Heart: The Rule of Benedictine in Our Time

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Monastery of the Heart: The Rule of Benedictine in Our Time

 “Listen. . . whoever you are,” Benedict says in the Prologue to his Rule.  Join us once a month on Wednesdays this spring, from 10:00 – 11:30, as we explore Benedictine spirituality and how it speaks to us today, with the lovely book, Monasteries of the Heart, by Joan Chittister, based on the Rule of Benedict.

The Rule of Benedict has been a guide to the spiritual life since the sixth century.  Monasteries of the Heart explores the central values and practices of Benedictine life: values of stability (staying the course with faithfulness to God’s particular call on our life), continual conversion  (always being in the process of transformation), and obedience – (listening to and responding to God); and practices of lectio divina, prayer, hospitality, and living and growing within our given communities.  It is an invitation to a way of life that centers us in God.

The Rule of Benedict has much to say “to our own age and our own attempts to live calmly in the middle of chaos…lovingly in a maelstrom of individualism and gently in a world full of violence.” (Chittister) It has much to say to each of us.  Transformed people transform the world around them in distinctly different ways.  Please join us as we Listen together.


Facilitators: Kathy Ruud & Jane Fransioli
Date:             Last Wednesday of month*,  January—June  **MARCH SESSION Video & Call-In Available**
Time:            10:30 am to 11:30 am *Introductory First Session 1/29
10:30 am to 12 noon *all sessions
Cost:             Freewill donation
RSVP:           702.243.4040

Books:   Book and reader guide for purchase at Stillpoint

*Schedule may change due

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