Midrash and Meaning: Ancient Commentaries on the Book of Genesis

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Over the centuries Jews have come to understand the Bible through the lens of Midrash.   Midrash is an interpretive, sermonic, and layered approach to Bible study.   Imagine if you will a sentence such as,  “Abraham travelled for three days…”.  The Bible may be silent as to what transpired during those three days…but the Midrash will fill in the details. Noah and Abraham both spoke with God.  How did they differ as people?   What made Abraham unique to be chosen as the first leader of the Jewish people?  Jacob’s name was changed to Israel.  Why did this happen?  And what was the significance of his new name?  From folk tales, moralistic examples, and linguistic interpretation the Midrash provides a deeper understanding than a straight reading of the biblical text.

Come listen and study a few of the most popular midrashic gems along with Rabbi Sanford Akselrad, the spiritual leader of Congregation Ner Tamid in Henderson, and gain a deeper understanding of some of the most prominent stories in the book of Genesis.  If you thought you understood the book of Genesis, now is your chance to approach the text an entirely new way.

Presenter:           Rabbi Sanford Akselrad, M.A.H.L.

Date:                    Wednesday, October 25th

Time:                    6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Cost:                    $15 Suggested Donation

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