Living with Hope w/ Fr. Max Oliva

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October 1st will be one year from the terrible tragedy at the outdoor concert in Las Vegas. Since then we have seen countless acts of kindness, many memorial services and prayer vigils, and many hours of free grief counseling in the valley. The Vegas community came together in very significant selfless and generous ways. Each way, a sign of hope for the future. The Golden Knights Hockey Team played its first game on October 6th; its miraculous season enhanced this hope in an amazing way.

What is hope? It is the fundamental knowledge and feeling that things can work out, that we as human beings can somehow handle and manage internal and external reality. “To live in the spirit of hope is to be able to see beyond the immediate evidence of brokenness and suffering. To live deeply in the spirit of hope is to find the courage to create in the midst of darkness” (Pat Mische).

During this retreat day, we will consider various aspects of the virtue of hope, what gives us hope, and what are some of the hopeful signs in the world today.

Our presenter, Fr. Max Oliva, is a member of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). He lived in Las Vegas from 2011-2017. He continues to minister in the Vegas valley during the first week of each month. He now makes his home in Spokane, Washington in the Gonzaga University Jesuit community. He has been giving retreats for over thirty years and is the author of seven books on ethics and spirituality. His web site is:

Register below or by calling Stillpoint at 702-243-4040.

When:     Saturday, October 6th

Where:   Stillpoint Center for Spiritual Development

Time:      9:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

Cost:        $15-30 suggested donation

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