Lectio Divina Prayer Training – Fall 2018 (Evening Session)

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What is Lectio Divina? 

The Lectio Divina method of prayer at Stillpoint is the norm for our bi weekly prayer groups.   The Latin phrase Lectio Divina, or divine reading is an ancient form of praying with the Scriptures.   At Stillpoint, we call it “An Encounter with God”.   In this form of prayer, one sits quietly with a short passage of Scripture and adopts a reflective stance on a single word or phrase.

When this form of prayer is practiced, with deep interiority, one experiences a physiological shift, which is a sign of what Ignatius would call “Consolation”, a visitation of God’s Spirit.  It is a deeply moving experience to hear God speak directly to the concerns and events of one’s daily life.

Traditionally the method of Lectio Divina follows four steps: Lectio -reading; meditatio – meditation; contemplatio -contemplation; and oratio – prayer.  At Stillpoint, we add a journaling aspect as a method of getting below the surface of our normal mental preoccupations.

Lectio Divina Prayer Training (a prerequisite to join a Lectio Divina Prayer Group at Stillpoint)

If you are interested in participating in one our Lectio Divina Prayer Groups, wish to learn this method for your own daily practice, or perhaps need a refresher on our prayer method, we invite you to register for one of these two workshops.  The training introduces the methodology, followed by the actual experience of Lectio Divina, plus time for Q & A.  Our presenter, Delise Sartini, has engaged in a daily practice of Lectio Divina for more than 20 years, taught numerous classes, and is a Spiritual Director here at Stillpoint.

Date:                   Wednesday, August 29th

Time:                  6:00 pm – 8:30 pm (OR click here for Morning Session at 9:30 am – noon)

Cost:                   Suggested donation of $15-30

Presenter:          Delise Sartini


Join a Group!  Lectio Divina Prayer Groups Resume in September

The above training is a prerequisite for joining a group. Our ongoing prayer groups offer the opportunity to experience this transformative encounter with God along with a small group of other individuals committed to the practice.  Prayer groups are offered as morning options on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; Evening prayer groups are Tuesdays and, possibly Mondays or Wednesdays.  Contact Stillpoint by e-mail or call 702-243-4040 for more information.


Presenter:  Delise Sartini
Date:         Wednesday, August 29th
Time:        6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Cost:         Suggested donation of $15-30

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