Finding Your Soul in SoulCollage® Series

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Finding Your Soul in SoulCollage® 8-Week Series
w/ Amanda West

What if your Soul is taking a nap or not listening and has no curiosity or direction? What does that look like? Amanda West can speak from her Soul because that is what happened to her. “I felt stuck and found myself saying over and over is this all there is to my life.” In 2011 Amanda took a class taught by Seena Frost the founder of SoulCollage® which changed her life and woke her Soul.

The process starts with choosing images from magazines and books and then using the images to make 5×8 cards. The images will speak to you through journaling and reading or having dialogue with the cards. You learn that your conscious and unconscious mind hold parts of yourself that want to have a voice. For Amanda, she realized that these parts of herself all wanted to have a light shine to give understanding that was needed and to gain access to her inner guidance and support.

Amanda enjoys sharing with other people the insights that have been so meaningful in her own life. Discovering those insights together with a community of people is even better. Come join us in this SoulCollage® series where your souls can be awakened.


Facilitator: Amanda West, Certified SoulCollage® Instructor

Dates:     Bi-Monthly on Mondays, starting Jan 13th thru Mar 2nd

Time:     9:30 am to 12:00 pm

Cost:      $15 per class

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