Dream Tending: Spiritual Directors’ Workshop

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NEW!! Dream Tending Spiritual Directors’ Workshop – Spring 2019

Presented by Bobbie Asacarte

Stillpoint invites Spiritual Directors to expand their knowings of Dream Tending. Dreams can hold inner knowings, innate sensibilities, and the potency to expand our capacity to open to the depths of our own experience. When we tend a dream, images come awake, imagination comes to life, and we participate in life more fully rooted in the way of the dream. In this workshop Spiritual Directors will explore:

  • Dream exploration as a spiritual practice
  • Symbolism as the language of dreams
  • Discernment as the “key” to unlocking your dream’s wisdom
  • Why recurrent and/or disturbing dreams are so important
  • What it means and how to “tend” a dream

Contact Stillpoint at 702.243.4040 for more information and about the registration process. This workshop is for Spiritual Directors only. Specific dates and cost given at time of registration.