Dream Circle (Evening Session)

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Dreams are a rich opportunity to discern the flow of the sacred energy in the universe that dwells within each of us. This is a Dream Work Group where we will learn and practice the skills of uncovering the deep wisdom in our dreams. We will also discover various means of bringing this transforming awareness into our daily lives. We will participate in each others dream work, respecting the process, to learn from each other.

Dream Circle is a welcoming small group community formed to enable participants to learn from their own dreams as well as to listen and actively learn from the dreams of others. Participating teaches simple but profound skills that empower emotional, social and spiritual healing and growth. Individuals who are new to listening to their dreams, as well as those more experienced are welcome. After an introductory meeting, participants are asked to commit themselves to a season of regular attendance.

Dream group sessions are $20 payable onsite at Stillpoint and attendance is limited to those who go through the approval process outlined below to attend an introductory first session.

The Dream Circle is facilitated by Janet Frischmon. Janet has an MA in Pastoral Ministry and Spirituality, is an Adult Spiritual Formation Leader, and is involved in the Heart to Heart Ministry in Boulder City Nursing homes.

How to Join The Dream Circle Group

*Must Call First note relates to the groups being limited to those interview with Janet and are accepted into the group as these groups have limited spots.

Participants become a small group community so there needs to be a circle of trust, confidentiality, and commitment since this is an ongoing program vs. a one-time event which Janet will discuss in more detail during the phone interview.

Call Stillpoint at 702-243-4040 to schedule a phone interview with Janet.

Dates: Every other Wednesday of the month.

Time: 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.