Compassion Integrity Training (CIT)

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In preparation for Stillpoint’s 15th Anniversary: Boundless Compassion, which begins in October, join us as we host Charter for Compassion Education Institutes’s three-day CIT training. Cultivate the compassion you are called to nurture, nourish and live boundlessly.   

CIT’s resiliency-informed program cultivates human values as skills to support the thriving of individuals and society.

Learn skills to calm your body and mind, become more emotionally aware, and more able to practice compassion for ourselves and others, as well as engage with compassion in complex systems.

Build towards compassionate integrity: the ability to live one’s life in accordance with one’s values with a recognition of common humanity — an orientation to kindness and reciprocity.

To learn more and register visit

Space is limited to 35

Facilitated by Las Vegas CIT Facilitators: Rebecca Koch, Dr. Charles Baker and Conoly Barker
Date:  Sunday, August 18 – 20, 2019
Cost:  $250 (or what you can afford)
Location: Stillpoint Center for Spiritual Development