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The Abrahamic Faiths Series:  People of the Book

Presenter:  Al Aziz Eddebbarh

The Abrahamic Faith:

Approximately 54% of the world adheres to a religion that has its roots in the faith of Abraham.  This ongoing series will seek to both educate and transform through a deeper look into the ancient traditions which grew from the spiritual journey of Abraham.

People of the Book:

Our ongoing series exploring the Abrahamic traditions continues as we look at the rich, mystical tradition of Islam.  This discussion will center on the spirituality which lies at the heart of Islam, particularly within the Sufi tradition and the poetry of Rumi.  Every upright Muslim expects to see God now, moment by moment, day by day, in this life.  And they are willing to undergo the disciplines to make that possible.

“Silence is the Language of God, all else is poor translation” — Rumi

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Lectio Divina Prayer Groups

This form of Prayer, taught at Stillpont and practiced by Prayer Groups, is a method that enables the one praying to hear God's voice and know God's mind on the subject of his/her prayer. The practice includes Lectio Divina, Journaling, Reflection and Centering Prayer. When practiced daily, it is one of the richest spiritual practices available. It offers a true opportunity for "A Transformative Encounter with God".
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