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Centering Prayer in Community

Developed by Fr. Thomas Keating, Centering Prayer is a method of prayer that prepares us to receive the gift of God’s presence in Contemplative Prayer. Beyond thoughts, words and emotions, Centering Prayer leads to a resting in God. Praying in a group setting creates an atmosphere where the mind is quieted more easily, a sacred community is formed, and practitioners experience a depth that bears fruit in spirit, body and mind.
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Dream Circle (Afternoon Session)

Dreams are a rich opportunity to discern the flow of the sacred energy in the universe that dwells within each of us. This is a Dream Work Group where we will learn and practice the skills of uncovering the deep wisdom in our dreams. We will also discover various means of bringing this transforming awareness into our daily lives. We will participate in each others dream work, respecting the process, to learn from each other.
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Bhante Sujatha Dhamma Talk: “How to Empower Your Mind” and Precepts Ceremony

Bhante Sujatha Dhamma Talk “How To Empower Your Mind” and Precepts Ceremony Please call Blue Lotus at (702) 286-8473 for more information about this limited-seating special event or purchase tickets using the link here. Precepts are one of the most beautiful commitments one can make on one’s spiritual journey in the Buddhist tradition. Bhante Sujatha, a […]
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Loving Kindness Retreat

Loving Kindness Retreat with Bhante Sujatha & Cheryl Slader Sunday January 29, 2017 10:00am-4:00pm Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to spend the day with our dear friend and teacher Bhante Sujatha. Bhante will be offering meditations, dharma talks, sutra studies, and giving us each individual healing blessings. We are very blessed that Bhante will be […]
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Lectio Divina Prayer Groups Spring 2017

This form of Prayer taught at Stillpoint, and practiced by Prayer Groups, is a method that enables the one praying, to hear God’s voice and know God’s mind on the subject of his/her prayer. The practice includes Lectio Divina, Journaling, Reflection and Centering Prayer. When practiced daily, it is one of the richest spiritual practices available. It offers a true opportunity for "A Transformative Encounter with God".
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